A child of MIT, Undark is a digital magazine exploring the intersection of science and society. Working with Boston design studio, Upstatement, I absorbed their vision and made it come to life in what was really a fun project to be a part of.

WordCamp Rhode Island

For a number of years, the agency I work for was the leading force for organizing WordCamp and WordPress meet-ups in Rhode Island. Working with our designers we made some beautiful WordCamp sites.

WordCamp US: 2015

Working with the WordCamp US planning team from Philadelphia and former Linchpin Art Director, Mike Chevalier, I structured custom mark-up and layers of styles to build out the theme for the Inaugural WordCamp US. I cannot explain how cool and what a privilege it was to build, what I consider, a historical WordCamp site. One […]

Can I Have a Drink?

Can I Have a Drink? is something I created as a fun project to play around with Geolocation and Untappd’s API. Using Geolocation I do 2 look-ups with Untappd’s API – one to find a check-in near a city where it is currently 5 o’clock and another to find a check-in near the user’s location.